© 2018 by Naomi Jonker & Raymon Pouwels.

  • Naomi Jonker

A breakfast plate for two please... @ ANNEMAX

Last saturday we were invited at the Anne&Max restaurant in Arnhem to taste a breakfast plate for two, and we can not say anything else then wow! The plate was huge! We got to choose how we liked our egg, you can choose salmon, tomatoes or bacon. Raymon went for those with bacon and I for those with tomato. It was nice that the egg was served in a different way than fried or cooked as normal. So that was a really big asset. Besides the egg there was more on the plate ofcourse like: a yoghurt with granola and fresh fruits, different kind of bread with cheese, ham, jam or smashed avocado (also super nice). With the food you get a huge bottle of fresh Jus de orange, and a little caprese salad with normal and sun dried tomatoes. Everything was really super fresh and yummie! It was more then enough for two persons. We really liked it here! In Arnhem its a small but cozy store where you can sit in- and outside. The staff was really super nice. And if you like tea, take the Jasmin tea, its really good!! www.annemax.com

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