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  • Naomi Jonker

The best restaurant for fish and meat

Yesterday we where invited to taste a suprise menu at Eetcafé Mejuffrouw Janssen. If you have the big square at the Korenmarkt, Mejuffrouw Janssen is located in a small side street which is so much nicer! Its cozy and atmospheric. If you like fish and meat, you have to go here! Ask the owner Tim for a suprise diner and you get amazing different things. Besides fish and meat there are not a lot of other foods like pasta or something else to get, so you have to love fish and meat for sure.

Returning to the surprise dinner. That was fantastic. As a starter I had delicious king prawns in a vegetable oil with garlic. Raymon had a carpaccio. Together we also got a fresh, warm bread with three delicious different spreads such as fresh pesto and butter. We both took a white wine. Raymon a fruity and I a sweet one. Ofcourse we both shared the starters.

So also for the main course we have been surprised. I was served a fish soup with: lobster, white fish, king prawns, salmon and various vegetables. Normally I would never order this myself, but it was really excellent. It tasted so will, everything was in balance and the vegetables ensure that the taste was not too much. Raymon had a delicious piece of soft meat (I lost the name, very stupid haha) with potato mash and also various vegetables. The sauce in combination with the meat was really excellent. With these two dishes we got fresh fries with mayo. And as by the starter, we shared this plates. We also where suprised by wine. Raymon got a red white and i a Chardonnay.

As the last dish we got a dessert. We were allowed to choose something from the menu we wanted, so I had chosen a dame blanche and Raymon a creme brulee as we always choose. But one of the waiters asked us if we did not want to be surprised with a dessert. As crazy as we are, haha, we did this! And it could not work out better! I got suprised with a chocolate plate (which was the best choose to set the plate by me haha) with white chocolate mouse, a scoop of chocolate ice cream with chrunchy chocolate, a brownie with caramel sauce and some fresh fruit. Raymon got the fruity plate with a scoop of raspberry ice cream, whipped cream and a cheesecake. It was so good, im glad i didn't go for my first choice.

For a small 'unknown' restaurant like these, it was really i think the best diner i had in times. Mostly we choose something we already know, so this was so refreshing. I also think that this café/restaurant has so much to offer. We really ate as if we were at a star restaurant. The plates were beautifully made up, and the food had a great taste. So if you like fish and meat and you want to eat at a star restaurant once, but do not want to pay the prices, Mejjuffrouw Janssen is a perfect restaurant for you! http://www.mejjanssenarnhem.nl/

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