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  • Naomi Jonker

Humphreys new restaurant

You've probably heard of Humphreys, an restaurant that exists over 30 years, if not we'll tell you all about it. They are currently located at all these locations in the Netherlands: Amersfoort, Amsterdam (2x), Arnhem, Breda, The Hague, Eindhoven, Enschede, Groningen, Leeuwarden, Nijmegen, Rotterdam (2x), Uden, Utrecht and Zwolle. And we were allowed to come and try the new restaurant in Nijmegen because they now have something new in addition to the new interior!

Let's talk about Humprey's in Nijmegen. This was previously always located on the quay, but has now moved to the bustling city of Nijmegen. Besides that they have had a major interior update (which you can see on the pictures above) they have also added something to the concept that they did not have before: drinks and lunch.

We came in and had a super nice tour of the entire restaurant where they showed us the beautiful interior, let's be honest, isn't this really the instagram hotspot of Nijmegen now? And another nice fact, this building used to be a bank, at the toilets they still have the old safe which they now use as storage space, super funny!

We start with a delicious drink slice, a cup of coffee, tea and a fresh orange juice on the terrace outside. Ps, we love the pink menu card. It really fits in the whole branding and interior.

Afterwards we took a table inside and orderd ourself some lunch. I immediately chose the pokebowl, it immediately stood out! Delicious, they don't have that everywhere. Raymon was more interested in a sandwich and opted for a sandwich with goat cheese. Both plates were well stocked and more than we could eat for lunch. Both of the lunches where super great and we love the new concept. You really need to go to Humphreys for some lunch, they will suprise you with there card!


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