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  • Naomi Jonker

Italy - Forte Dei Marmi

A week ago we went to Italy, Tuscany. We stayed at my parents mobile home at caping Paradiso. Ofcourse we went out to some little towns. Im going to highlight a few towns in seperated blogs, starting with Forte dei Marmi.

Forte dei Marmi is a little luxury town, just 45 minutes ago (when you avoid toll roads) from Viarregio. It's small and chique. You can find here all the luxury shops as Gucci, Dolce and Gabanna, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors and many more. Besides the luxury shops, there are also cute boutiques and other shops if you dont like the luxury. But Forte dei Marmi is known for it.

Ofcourse you also have great restaurants (but they are a little bit expensive, more then in other towns). We had a coffee at (i dont know the name for sure... but its nearby the Gucci Shop on the corner) wich was great.

On saturday at the town square there is a market where you can find all kinds of things like shoes, clothes, leathers (belts ect) and fruits and veggies. Its always super crowded so i recommend to go early.

Forte dei Marmi is just super nice, a really nice trip to see. You get drowned in the luxury. The cars, houses, shops and also the people. Forte dei Marmi is located at the beach. So after you visit the town you can chill at the beach, its just a 5 minute walk.

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