© 2018 by Naomi Jonker & Raymon Pouwels.

  • Naomi Jonker


Do you like burgers? Then this is the place to be. Iveau in Arnhem is the burger tent where you want to go. In addition to being the best in Arnhem, they have also become the best in the Netherlands three times in a row with their special citizens. And we were allowed to taste it, accompanied by a nice wine!

Before we started eating, we were given a delicious drink board filled with squid rings, sandwiches, dips, cheese croquettes and delicious kinds of meat. We did this together with some delicious wine that Iveau is really known for.

In addition to the delicious food, they also have a really nice restaurant. The restaurant is not too big, which makes it very cozy. With nice chairs and tables. They have a wonderful place inside, but also outside, both in front and behind, they have a place to sit. And what do you think of the super cool logo on the windows? We found this super nice.

And now on to the very best and nicest of this restaurant: the burgers! As I told you earlier, Ivea burgers & wine has been selected several times as the best hamburger (place) in the Netherlands. We had the opportunity to try these delicious burgers. Raymon had one of the best winning meats with meat and I opted for a slightly lighter burger but also really different with shrimp and cod. We were supplemented with delicious fries and a salad. Naomi herself is not normally so fond of burgers, but this one was really indescribably tasty. Everything matched and it was not too dominating fish. If you have the chance to visit Iveau you should definitely do so! https://www.burgersenwijn.nl

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