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  • Naomi Jonker

Mexican vibes only!

A week ago we where invited to eat some Mexican food by Cantina in Arnhem. We have been here a few times before, but then it was still an all you can eat concept. With the arrival of Mo, the concept has changed a lot. It is a sharing concept where you order dishes together so that you can taste many different things. You have to have the idea that you can quickly get a tasty bite on the street in Mexico with a food truck. The food is qualitative, fast and of course tasty.

Tasty nachos with three home-made dip sauces.

Toasted bread with salmon, lime dressing, avocado and fennel.

Two types of casadias. Two with cheese and zucchini and two with cheese and chicken. Also three home-made sauces.

Four different types of soft tacos with various fillings. One example with fish. This was really delicious.

A delicious dessert including cheesecake, lime ice cream and creme brulee.

Also i wanna show you the inside of the restaurant! It's super nice and your can also really 'taste' all the mexican vibes!


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