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  • Naomi Jonker

miyagi and jones

So let us tell you something about this new amazing restaurant in Arnhem. Miyagi and Jones. Miyagi and jones is a restaurant with a hip and young character. You can sit outside at a high table or inside where you look at all the chefs who prepare your food fresh. Miyagi and jones is new here in Arnhem and we were allowed to taste it.

The concept is as follows. You choose some dishes and share them with each other. The dishes vary in price and are enough to share. It is a kind of tapas idea, which you probably know, but with Asian Streetfood. They have amazing nice plates by the way, i want them for my home as well haha. We had some great wine and cocktails. Also a good thing to try!

So here you can see some of te dishes we orderd. We have some beef salad, sashimi salmon, baked salmon and sushi! It was sooooo good.

We also had some beef tataki, dumplings and last but not leased a grande dessert which was really grande haha. We didn't even get it together, delicious with ice cream, whipped cream and fruit.

So if you like to go out for some diner, and you like the way of sharing some dishes. This is the place you really need to be!


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