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  • Naomi Jonker

Spending a weekend in a magical TinyHouse

Droompark De Zanding invited us to stay a weekend in a TinyHouse at there park. Friday night we arrived kinda late to the park. The reception was open until 22.00 so that was really great. We got our keys and a map to our TinyHouse. We stayed in number two. When we arrived the lights were already on and it gave us a little romantic and magical feeling. The first impression was amazing.

So this is saturday morning. We woke up a little bit early because we orderd a breakfast box for two persons. In the square of the TinyHouses (the houses are in a set of 5 placed in a circle.) there was a big bbq with some wooden tables and lounger chairs. We have put our two breakfast boxes on the wooden table. And breakfast could start. Breakfast in nature, with the birds in the background and the sun in our faces is one of the best ways to start your morning.

The breakfast boxes were really very well stocked. There was three sorts of different breads, a cooked egg (which was still warm), a bottle of fresh juice, some fresh fruit, chocolates and different kind of bread spreads. It was more then enough for two persons.

So after we eat our breakfast we decided to go cycling. Droompark de Zanding gave us two bikes from Batavus and two entree tickets for Nationaal Park De Hoge Veluwe. We've both never been there, really crazy because we are living like 10 minutes away from it. But this was the perfect moment to take a look at it. So we had a cycling trip for almost three hours. It felt like we where at Africa. This park is so amazing! A really good recommendation if you want to cycle trough the nature in Gelderland.

When we got back from the cycling trip it was like 16.00 and the weather was still so perfect so we decided to chill a little bit more and went to the swimming lake/beach in the centre of Droompark de Zanding. When it was a little later in the evening it was time for some food. Because there is a kitchen in the TinyHouse, we decided to make a pasta pesto and cook it here. That went perfectly. The kitchen contains everything you need and there is a luxurious induction plate that makes cooking easy and comfortable. The kitchen is really equipped and perfect to use.

On Sunday morning we decided to sleep well. Raymon was awake a bit earlier than I was, and he was chilling out in the hammock with his guitar. The nice thing about the TinyHouses is that the surroundings around the houses are also completely in these spheres. So you have a hot tub, as mentioned before a big bbq, the hammock and also a Tiny vegetable garden. Awesome!

The rest of our Sunday we spent in the spa of Droompark de Zanding. The spa is well equipped and you rent it for yourself. So a private spa. There are fitness machines, various saunas, two large showers, a Turkish steam bath, tanning beds and foot baths. After we had a wonderful time here we took a final dive in the covered indoor pool.

So we can conclude after our weekend in a Tiny House that if you want to book a special, special or romantic overnight stay. That this is completely something for you! The cottages are luxuriously furnished and equipped with everything, the facalities at the park are excellent and there is enough choice for everyone. You can relax, or just do something active. We have had an amazing weekend. And it was something super magical to do!

You can book a TinyHouse or find more information at: https://www.droomparken.nl/tinyhouses

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